Coil Over Main Spring Rate Calculator

      What rate and length springs should I use?
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      Value  Units  Description 
         in  Wheel Travel
         lb  Corner Sprung Weight
       CUSW     lb  Corner Unsprung Weight
       D1     in  Distance 1
       D2     in  Distance 2
       Angle θ     °  Angle theta (degrees)
       Angle α     °  Angle alpha (degrees)
       Droop %     %  Droop/Ride Height %
       SUR %     %  Step Up Rate
      Click on the "Value" letter for a definition of that Value.

      Value  Units  Description 
       WRA     lb/in  Wheel Rate
           Motion Ratio
       SR     lb/in  Spring Rate
       RF     Hz  Ride Frequency
       DT     in  Droop Travel
       TENDER     lb/in  Tender Spring Rate
       MAIN     lb/in  Main Spring Rate
       SWR     lb/in  Secondary Wheel

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